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Disposable Temp email is a type of service that allows receiving email at a temporary address that self-destructed after a particular time elapses. We beleive we are the one of best and free working Temp Mail Service

The popular name for this service are such as Mohmal, 10 minutes mail, throwaway emails, fake mail, and trash mail ID. Almost all services these days ask for email confirmation to register or get essential access to tht content.

This is not acceptable for many users as eMail account is digital identity. One can not simply handout their mail address to every website who ask for it. Our Temp-Mail is made out of state of the art technology, and we try our best to keep all our alias domain emails working. Temporary email is also critical to your security to maintain your anonymity online. Our disposable email is recoverable up to a certain period of time, and the user has to remember their temp mail ID. How do Temporary Email Addresses work?

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